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CEO's Message

For most of us in Pakistan as in the rest of the world, 2020 stood out for worry, concern, sadness, and sacrifice but most of all it stood out for uncertainty. It was simply not possible for individuals to figure out what would happen next. The year 2021 may not be much different but at First Digital Takaful, we are certain that by applying the Islamic principle of caring for one another we can bring financial security to the fingertips of the individual citizens thereby, empowering them to maintain their lifestyle in an uncertain environment.

Pakistan is lucky to have a large population of tech-savvy millennials and z-generation who combined together add up to more than 130 million - a population larger than many countries. Furthermore, we have almost 90 million smartphone users and a high proportion of those are millennials and z-generation who rely on their hand-held devices, tablets, and laptops to fulfill their needs from school/college education to buying groceries. We plan to leverage this reality to offer our customers a seamless end-to-end digital experience, whereby they will be able to avail all facilities from buying online Shariah-compliant products to online claims from the comfort of their homes or, last moment online domestic travel Takaful purchase from travel lounge.

Besides digital innovation, we at FDT are the first to introduce a telemedicine facility for our personal and family health customers. Thus reducing the need for Doctor visits to a great extent. Similarly, for the first time in Pakistan, all our customers will be able to read their Policy documents in the Urdu language as well as in English. We are convinced that this would prove to be a giant step in improving the understanding of Takaful/Insurance naturally leading to a higher financial inclusion in the country.

We are looking forward to an uncharted but thrilling journey ahead by introducing new innovative products and ever-improving customer experience.


Tahir Ahmed